Friday, April 17, 2015

Dollhouse --partially made--

Hi, I'm sharing a Dollhouse that I am making.  I started it last week Tuesday, surprised I'm this far along actually.  This was a kit that I bought in the late 80's--I was also very surprised I found most of the pieces since I had started building the walls then and moved in '99 (the mask to do the brick work is missing and several small pieces that I was able to duplicate.  Here is a manual I found online and a movie someone else did of making it.  The instructions are vague at best on much of it, but I loved the first one I made and donated to charity so much that I got this...  Fortunately, i have done construction and know angles, because you have to cut most of the little pieces yourself, like the banister. Here are some picture of the inside with the hardwood floor and wallpapering.

If you want to see a movie of someone assembling it you can view one here, decided not to duplicate their work and didn't want to make myself stress more with the events from last week.--