Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dollypin (Small clothespin) Ornaments.

Here are some of my Clothespin dolls.  I started making them with the large ones, I wanted mine to look different so I learned how to whittle, at first I only made the ballerina feet, then as time got better I started doing arms and legs (more definition).  The challenge was when the smaller dollypins came out making the arms and hands even.. I dress them all, use the remainder of the woodchips for hair after painting the faces.  These are going to a new home with my son and grandson. The top ballerina's skirt is paper, makes a wonderful new pleated effect.

Entered in these challenges: php/2014/12/01/wrap-december-challenge/ (ribbon, bow, glitter see bottom picture for several)   Anything goes   Winter (ornaments go on Christmas trees..hope wintery enough)